Storage of fruit and vegetable products

Sola Ettore & C. guarantees preservation of fruit and vegetable products to very high quality, thanks to our long experience and continuous research into advanced techniques. The company, a leader in this field in Emilia Romagna, is equipped with modern and efficient high power refrigeration equipment suitable for rapid coolingof large consignments of goods, for sorting, for long-term storage in normal atmosphere (0° C), and monitoring of fruit.

Cold storage

Cold storage is a process entirely regulated and controlled by an advanced networked information system that allows control of cold storage settings at any time, and from any location in the plant. A system of optical-acoustic alarms will alert operators the moment any variables deviate from their set-points, in such a way as to achieve a restoration of ideal conservation conditions quickly and simultaneously.

Packaged food preservation

Our plants, in the province of Modena, are suitable not only for fruit and vegetables, but also for the preservation of other products, such as packaged, semi-processed, or fully processed foods, including fresh pasta and ready-made sauces. The food's hygiene is guaranteed by a scrupulous observance of Italian Legislative Decree 155/97, which is based on the principles of the HACCP self-monitoring methodology. The different capacities of the units allows us to meet diverse customer needs in terms of type and quantity of product.
This is how Sola Ettore has become a reference point for goods coming not only from all over the Reggio Emilia area, but also from neighboring regions, including Veneto and Lombardy.


Pasta storage
Fruit storage
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