Fruit pre-ripening

Pre-ripened pears

Sola Ettore & C. has, for many years, offered its customers a 'de-greening' (or fruit pre-ripening) service, in dedicated units that are also monitored by control software. Using the most modern technology allows us to adjust parameters such as temperature, humidity and the presence of ethylene, to make fruit ready for sale in just a few days. This service is applicable also after a refrigerated storage period, to produce fruit that are ripened, ready for immediate consumption.

Regulating the ripening of fruit

The process can also be reversed: i.e. delaying the ripening of the fruit. Our refrigerated units are ideal for the storage of any kind of fruit thanks to the use of a controlled atmosphere. Working at a very low O2 content, it is possible to delay the maturation processes for up to several months. The size of our installations in the Province of Modena allows fruit storage in large quantities.

Fruit quality control

Thorough quality controls on fruit (including load temperature, packing quality, and ripening indicators) allow us to immediately inform the customer of the characteristics of the fruit or vegetables. For this reason, Sola Ettore is a key partner for farms not only Emilia Romagna, but also in the Veneto and Lombardy regions, source of large quantities of agricultural products.
To preserve the harvest and to regulate its maturation, trust the technology and reliability of the systems offered by Sola Ettore of Vignola.


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