SmartFresh℠ Treatment

SmartFresh Method

Sola Ettore & C. applies the SmartFresh℠ treatment to different types of fruits. This treatment preserves the freshness of the fruit and enhances its natural resistance to ripening. The treatment lasts 24 hours and must be performed in gas-tight units used exclusively for the SmartFresh℠ treatment. The SmartFresh℠ treatment must be applied within 5 days of harvesting, and is suitable for those who don't have the possibility of having exclusive cell fruit varieties.

AgroFresh Patent

AgroFresh, a company renowned worldwide in the field of agriculture, is the patent holder for the SmartFresh℠, now a brand. In the fields of Vignola, near Modena, Sola Ettore & C. delivers this treatment in collaboration with the patent-holding company, providing four new units dedicated to the treatment.

Retain the properties of the fruit with SmartFresh ℠

The SmartFresh℠ Quality System acts by increasing the natural resistance of fruits to ripening. Preserves optimal characteristics in terms of quality and freshness. Protects from natural elements that cause loss of quality and over-ripening. Preserves the nutritional benefits of the fruit over time. Meets consumer expectations and the demand for a healthy and nutritious product.
SmartFresh℠ is a patented AgroFresh trademark that Sola Ettore applies in units specifically dedicated to the application of the treatment. This particular service has made the Emilian company a benchmark also for farms in the Lombardy and Veneto regions.

Choose a technology for your crop that does not change the quality of fruit and vegetables, choose the SmartFresh℠ method from Sola Ettore.

The SmartFresh method
SmartFresh Quality System
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